JIS Z0237
  • This tester is to evaluate the retentivity of adhesive tape and sheet.
  • By attaching one end of the test specimen to the testing plate for 25 mm squares and applying load to the other end of the test specimen which is vertically hung down, the tester will measure the distance it got out of alignment or the time it required to fall off from the testing plate.

No.145-D Specification

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Hangings 3, 6, 10 or 20 Hangings (4 kinds)
Specimen W25 mm or 12 ± 0.5 mm, L150 mm
Test Plate W50 mm, L125 mm, T1.1 mm or More, Material: SUS304 Made
Weight Load Initial 200 gf to Max. 1 kgf (Standard 1,000 g ± 5 g)
Chuck Upper: Hook type
Lower: Flat type (W30 mm)
Upper and Lower Chuck Distance 200 mm
Chuck Stroke Max. 45 mm, Electric Concurrent Elevating Device (Up and Down Automatic Stop)
Temperature Range Max. 150 °C
Timer Preheating Time Setting, Drop Time Measuring, Test Time Setting
Option Displacement Measurement Spec, Low Temperature Oven, Constant Temperature & Humidity Oven, Oven Light,
90° Peeling Spec
Power Source Differ by Specifications.
Dimensions/ Weight (Approx.) Differ by Specifications.

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