JIS (C3003), C3216-3, IEC-60851-3
  • This tester is to evaluate the softness of enamel wire according to the spring back method.
  • The operator is to roll the coil to the mandrel 3 times and after the coil has been rolled 3 times, fixing one end of the coil and slowly releasing the other end, the operator is to read how much the coil rolled back.

Specification(the spring back method)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Specimen 1 m, Conductor Diameter φ0.25 to φ1.6 mm
Mandrel Rotation Speed 5 to 10 rpm (Manual or Motorized)
Mandrel Diameter φ19 mm、 φ48 mm、 φ82 mm
Weight 57 g, 115 g, 455 g
Scale 0 to 120
Counter 4 Digits Preset Counter (Only for Motorized)
Accessories Foot Switch (Only for Motorized)
Power Source AC 100 V, 1-Phase, 3 A, 50/60 Hz (Motorized Model)
Dimensions/ Weight (Approx.) W128 × D190 × H184 mm, 10 kg (Manuel Model)
W480 × D285 × H250 mm, 6.1 kg (Motorized Model)

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