Shaping Your Dream With Our Technical Skills

試験機開発イメージIt is our philosophy that there are as many necessary testing machines as there are customers.
We provide custom made testing machines based on the needs and voices of our customers.


Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Wondering if there is a testing machine you could use for a certain test with a certain test method?
Let us help you find the right testing machine that will meet your needs. We will also create a one of a kind testing machine just for you.

Business Procedure


お問い合わせPlease contact us by phone or through our Inquiry Form.We will respond to your questions and ask what specifications you have in mind.


Making Arrangements for Customization

お打ち合わせOur contact person will carefully listen to your demands and conduct a hearing session to hear your voices to create a machine that will better suit you.


Establishing Product Specifications ⋅ Submitting Quotations

仕様書提出・お見積りAfter meeting with you, we will examine your demands and submit quotation product specification along with.



製作・検査If the contents of the set product specifications and quotations that we have submitted to you are agreed, the making of your testing machine will begin.
Once completed, we will make sure that the testing machine meets your request, and also make sure it is safe to use before delivering it to you.


Shipping ⋅ Delivery

発送・納品After the product has passed inspection, we will ship or deliver the testing machine to you. We will support you even after your product has been delivered should you have any issues.
If there are any questions or if you have any trouble with the machine, please feel free to contact us.