Eliminate unnecessary movement, replicate a mastery:
The simplest, most high-performance Melt Flow Index Tester.
That is 120-LABOT of Yasuda Seiki Seisakusho.
What is required of the Operator when 120-LABOT is operational,
is that the Operator "work on other tasks".


0Testers of YASUDA SEIKI have always and still continue to be trusted from all over the world for over 60 years
0Developing and manufacturing over 200 types of testers
0Compatible with over 300 different standards

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"Quality" protected by YSS Testers

YASUDA SEIKI SEISAKUSHO, LTD. has developed testing equipment for over 60 years, along side our customers at the frontline of research, development, and quality control. We at YASUDA SEIKI make it our sole mission to protect the "quality" of our customers, both domestic and international, through production of specialty equipment for material testing and evaluating. We have a near complete manufacturing system, beginning at designing, assembly, electric wiring (programming), testing / inspecting, all the way to installation. It is our passion to continue to refine ourselves as a Multi-Field Total Tester Manufacturer.

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